July 12 2021

GravityMark v1.31 for Linux

  • This is a minor bug-fix update for Linux, allowing to submit score if the GPU can’t be detected (ARM64 platform).

July 9 2021

GravityMark v1.3

  • Leaderboard system.
  • Vulkan Multi-GPU support.

June 26 2021

GravityMark v1.2 is here

  • Multi-GPU support under Direct3D12 API (we are working on bringing that feature for Vulkan).
  • GPU thermal throttling detection for Nvidia.
  • Real-time score evaluation during benchmarking.
  • AVX is no longer required for x64 architecture.

June 18 2021

GravityMark v1.1 is released

  • Better command-line automation: per-frame statistics, automatic exit with optional screenshot, benchmark loop count.
  • Screenshots are saved into the Documents directory instead of the home directory.
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH modification is not required for Linux.